Save Layer Settings (Free/Paid)

With this Archicad Add-On you can save current layer settings into a layer combination.

Watch the following video, for a detailed explanation of the free and pro version of this Add-On.

For the Pro version to function properly, the setting “Ultra Safe” recovery option has to be enabled. Ultra safe recovery option needs to be enabled in the Archicad Work Environment settings.


The base version is free to use.

A lifetime license for the Pro version costs 25€ per seat (as registered in your Archicad license). This is a promotion for a few weeks. After the promotion the price will be 50€ per seat.

The license includes:

  • Lifetime access up to and including version 1 of this Add-On for Archicad 24 and Archicad 25.
  • Compatible with all available builds (INT, macOS & Windows).
  • German language support once it’s available.

If you are interested in purchasing a license, please contact me via mail. I can take payments via wire transfer and PayPal.


The download links appear once you agree to the license agreement.
I have read and accept the License Agreement.


There are two options to install Add-Ons for Archicad:

  1. Menu Options -> Add-On Manager -> Edit List of Available Add-Ons -> Add… Locate the downloaded SaveLayerSettings.apx (Windows) or SaveLayerSettings.bundle (macOS)

  2. Copy the downloaded Add-On file into the appropriate Archicad folder. Typical paths (for Archicad 24) are:

  • on Windows: C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD 24\Add-Ons
  • on macOS: /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD 24/Add-Ons


v0.4.2 - 2022-03-30

  • Fix: Rebuild layer combination list only when layer combinations changed

v0.4.1 - 2022-03-10

  • Fix: “New Layer Combination” dialog couldn’t be confirmed with enter key
  • Fix: “Save Layer Settings” dialog couldn’t be confirmed with enter key
  • Fix: A newly created layer combination stored all layers as hidden
  • Fix: Palette open/close behavior

v0.4 - 2022-02-24

  • Reintroduce dialog for free version
    • “Document -> Layers -> Layer Extras -> Save Layer Settings…”
    • Make the dialog resizeable
  • Select last used layer combination in palette
    • Remove the now superfluous last used layer combination text and “Save into last used LC” button
  • Set layer combination on double click in palette
  • Update last used layer combination when switching windows
  • Fix: Truncation of layer combination names longer than 25 characters
  • Add “New…” button to palette
    • Allows storing of current layer settings in new layer combination

v0.3 / Pro-Beta - 2022-02-20

  • Replace dialog with resizeable palette for Pro version
    • Update the palette when available layer combinations change
    • Allow saving into last used layer combination in palette
  • Add menu item to save into last used layer combination
    • “Document -> Layers -> Layer Extras -> Save to Last Used Layer Combination”
      • Track last used layer combination
      • Add Menu item to save last used layer combination
      • Automatically switch to saved to layer combination
  • Add Licensing for Pro Version

v0.2 - 2021-11-01

  • Add an installation instruction.
  • Make “OK” the default button.
  • Enable command on all relevant views (all but “Model Compare” windows).
  • Add a menu icon.
  • Sort layer combinations alphanumerically.
  • Add a better warning for Teamwork error, when Layer Combinations are not reserved.
  • Fix: Confirming an empty selection leads to a crash of Archicad.

v0.1 - 2021-10-03

Initial release for AC24 & AC25 on Windows and macOS.