Room Coverings (Paid)

Automatically create coverings modeled as Archicad native walls.

Developed in cooperation with Staab Architekten Logo


You can take a first look at the functionality in the following video:


Without a license the following features are restricted:

  • Saving of generated coverings.
  • Sending of generated coverings via Teamwork.
  • Duplication of generated coverings.


The following builds are valid until 2022-04-30.

The download links appear once you agree to the license agreement.
I have read and accept the License Agreement.


There are two options to install Add-Ons for Archicad:

  1. Menu Options -> Add-On Manager -> Edit List of Available Add-Ons -> Add… Locate the downloaded RoomCoverings.apx (Windows) or RoomCoverings.bundle (macOS)

  2. Copy the downloaded Add-On file into the appropriate Archicad folder. Typical paths (for Archicad 24) are:

  • on Windows: C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD 24\Add-Ons
  • on macOS: /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD 24/Add-Ons


A lifetime license costs 300€ per seat (as registered in your Archicad license). Bulk discounts and early access discounts are now available.

The license includes:

  • Lifetime access up to and including version 1 of this Add-On for Archicad 24 and Archicad 25.
  • Compatible with all available builds (GER & INT, macOS & Windows).

If you are interested in purchasing a license, please contact me via mail.